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  • Clinics to deliver high-quality medication services, in a safe, easy and efficient manner;
  • Patients to enjoy utmost convenience for their medication needs

HSA registered

Secured E-Prescribing platform

Reliable medication delivery (SS644 Singapore Standards)

Vast network of medical clinics

We Represent Convenience and Quality in Medication Service

WellAway is licensed by the Health Science Authority Singapore to provide E-Pharmacy service. To qualify as an E-Pharmacy, we follow a set of stringent guidelines such as the Singapore Standard Guidelines for the supply and delivery of medication, and the HSA Guidance Notes on Supply of Registered Therapeutic Products through E-Pharmacy. To date, WellAway is the only HSA-registered E-Pharmacy in Singapore.

These guidelines govern not only internal pharmacy compliance, but also cybersecurity measures such as control of access, safeguarding of data and patient’s confidentiality, among other things.