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Clinic E-Kit Stocks & Loose-pack Supplies!

Emergency KitLoose Pack (Clinic or Patient use)

E-Kit items in individual vials / units

How do I order Emergency Kit items?

  1. Log in to POM Marketplace or register your clinic.
  2. Search for product in search bar or go to “Marketplace” > “WellAway Pharmacy”.
  3. Select desired quantities and “Check Out” your cart.

What are the E-Kit items available?

Pre-packed E-Kit bundles (with box) are available for purchase.

Our full range of items are available at POM Marketplace > WellAway Pharmacy store, which includes:

  • Adrenaline injection
  • Atropine injection
  • Dextrose injection
  • Diazepam injection
  • Diazepam rectal solution
  • Diclofenac suppository
  • Frusemide injection
  • Hyalase injection
  • Hydrocortisone injection
  • Hyoscine Butylbromide injection
  • Metoclopramide injection
  • Osmofundin injection
  • Prometazine injection
  • Sodium Chloride infusion
  • Timolol eye drop

What are your delivery timings?

You may expect to receive your parcel within 2 working days, during your clinic’s opening hours.

How may I make payment for my orders?

Pay Online (by Credit / Debit Card) or Pay Later (Cash on Delivery / Credit Terms)

Are there any delivery charges?

Delivery charges are waived for carts > $100 (inclusive of other products from other vendors).

For carts < $100, a delivery fee of $10 is applicable.

Loose pack / tablets for clinic or patient use

How do I order loose pack medications?

Doctors affiliated to business/clinic: Log in to WellAway or register your clinic.

Doctors without affiliation / practicing in public institutions: Log in to WellAway or register individually.

If intended for clinic use, please indicate under “instructions for pharmacy”.  Kindly call 8725 8393 for enquiries or assistance in ordering.

What medications are available for ordering?

We have more than 1,500 medications in our formulary to satisfy the medication needs of your patients.

What is WellAway's operating hours?

WellAway E-Pharmacy operates 7 days a week. However, availability of medications will differ for weekends and public holidays. Please contact us for more information.