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One-stop bill payments in-app, and track delivery status of your orders


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Instant access to Pharmacist, learn to make the best use of your medicines!


Your reliable pocket-pharmacy
Shop for at e-store for pharmaceutical-grade medical supplies (Coming soon)

I would like to chat with a professional pharmacist, what do I do?

  • Click on “Contact Pharmacist”
  • Select “Schedule Video Appointment” for Telepharamcy services (purchase medications, refill prescriptions)
  • Select “Call Now” to speak to our pharmacist now!

How do I request for a prescription refill?

  • Under “Prescription”, choose the prescription you wish to refill and click “View Prescription Detail”, then select “Refill”
  • If you would like to request for medications that you have not taken before, please reach out to WellAway pharmacists under “Profile” > “Contact Us”

I have requested for a prescription refill, why have I not received my medicines?

  • Your doctor will need to approve your request and advise you on payment before your prescription can be delivered.
  • If you have already made payment and yet to receive your parcel, please reach out to WellAway pharmacists under “Profile” > “Contact Us”

How do I arrange for video call with my doctor?

  • Under “Recent Doctor”, choose a doctor and click “Make an appointment”.
  • At the scheduled time, enter “Appointment” and select “Join Meeting”

I have a hardcopy prescription, can I get supply through your app?

  • Yes you can! Please reach out to WellAway pharmacists under “Profile” > “Contact Us” and we will advise you on the process